Six sigma help desk case study

With the addition of specific information about how these parameters vary, the resulting model will essentially duplicate the real process. Try to keep it simple with manageable loops. If it is found the extra card is needed for a long period of time, then the inputs to the calculation need to be reviewed and updated.

Improving Help Desk Functions by Using Lean Six Sigma

The team can work on shifting the target what you want it to be as another project. These are insurance pieces that are planned into the pull system that are above and beyond the minimum required WIP market stock.


Oracle uses a calculation of: Build to Order Parts that are unique, run on unique machines that aren't shared with other products or have little overlap, spot buy, or highly infrequent purchase, or have been pre-paid are not good candidates for Kanban.

Sub-category 23 had a response expectation of less than five days.

Help Desk Improves Service and Saves Money with Six Sigma

This tells a supervisor or operator that not only are the parts needed, but everything to make the parts is ready to produce the parts. This is not a personnel decision.

Less than 2 days The problem therefore was to reduce response time by To fully benefit from the webinar experience, please note you will need a computer equipped with the following: Use it as a training tool at your convenience—whenever your new or existing staff need a refresher or need to understand a new concept.

The case study demonstrates the complementary nature of Lean and Six Sigma methods and tools, and that a strategic combined application of both methods is more effective than applying either method in isolation. That card travels with the material to the downstream operation and once that container is used or shipped then the cards goes back to the Pull Board and the cycle repeats itself.

A more effective way of improving the help desk process is building a process simulation as the first step in the analyze phase. In a perfect system that never has, or ever will, have variation, then these two types of insurance are irrelevant. Let's just focus on the Kanban level for one item, batteries.

Such rapid, simulated operation makes it possible to collect large data samples that might be impossible to glean during normal process operation.

Six Sigma – iSixSigma

With most modeling tools, it's possible to enter a variety of distributions for every resource, process step and input, which allows you to make "best guess" estimates for building the model. Is the application internal only.

Other important simulation techniques include computer visualization and "action logic. This takes away the ability of someone stating "Lower Inventory because I said so and everyone else is, we are going to be Lean.

The team therefore opted to address call response time in Phase 1 of the project. One of today's most common customer support processes is the "help desk" or "call center" process.

That represents an increased productivity of staff and assets of more than percent. This stock is required and represent planned additional pieces for the pull system to cover for variation in customer demand. While that is correct, it also depends on how quickly and and how reliable the supplier of delivering at the same time on the 7th day.

A few options of reordering: As long as the p-value exceeds the Level of Significance alpha riskthen the data is normal and the average is applied to the formulas. Striving for Continuous Improvement:.

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A project was instituted to train employees in the relevant tools and techniques of Six Sigma and Lean methodologies in order to achieve dramatic improvements in the help desk operations.

The case study demonstrates the complementary nature of Lean and Six Sigma methods and tools, and that a strategic combined application of both methods is. Going Paperless: University Hospitals' Case Study on Going to an Electronic-Only Medical Staff Office - On-Demand.

ASQ is a global community of people passionate about quality, who use the tools, their ideas and expertise to make our world work better.

ASQ: The Global Voice of Quality. Case Study - August Abstract: The help desk service for a telecom company launched a Six Sigma project to improve the quality of its project team reduced the average solution time for help desk customers from hours to 1 hour. Help desk operating costs also decreased by.

Lean Six Sigma offers a systematic way to analyze a help desk design and identify ways of increasing process velocity through reducing non-value-added activities.

Six Sigma provides the tools to measure variation in critical-to-quality metrics and monitor the level of statistical control, helping companies improve help desk processes. Six Sigma Handbook, Fourth Edition (ENHANCED EBOOK) - Kindle edition by Thomas Pyzdek, Paul A.

Keller. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading Six Sigma Handbook, Fourth Edition (ENHANCED EBOOK).

Six sigma help desk case study
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