Apologizing dialogue

Atheist Socrates then addresses the second accusation — asebeia impiety against the pantheon of Athens — by which Meletus says that Socrates is an atheist.

All this great fame and talk about you would never have arisen if you had been like other men: And now, O men who have condemned me, I would fain prophesy to you; for I am about to die, and that is the hour in which men are gifted with prophetic power.

Many people are reluctant to apologize because they fear either humiliation or retaliation. What, all of them, or some only and not others. I expected it, and am only surprised that the votes are so nearly equal; for I had thought that the majority against me would have been far larger; but now, had thirty votes gone over to the other side, I should have been acquitted.

For if I tell you that this would be a disobedience to a divine command, and therefore that I cannot hold my tongue, you will not believe that I am serious; and if I say again that the greatest good of man is daily to converse about virtue, and all that concerning which you hear me examining myself and others, and that the life which is unexamined is not worth living - that you are still less likely to believe.

And now I will try to defend myself against them: You might as well affirm the existence of mules, and deny that of horses and asses. These are the accusers whom I dread; for they are the circulators of this rumor, and their hearers are too apt to fancy that speculators of this sort do not believe in the gods.

But in how different a way from theirs. In this situation, Catherine could have healed her relationship with Scott with a sincere apology after the meeting.

How to Apologize

When you accept an apology, do so graciously and sincerely without any attempt to insult or humiliate the apologizer. How to Apologize Asking for Forgiveness Gracefully Scott has just arrived at his staff meeting, and he can tell that his boss, Catherine, is stressed.

Doubtless some good thing, O men of Athens, if he has his reward; and the good should be of a kind suitable to him. Still I have a favor to ask of them.


Let me tell you a passage of my own life, which will prove to you that I should never have yielded to injustice from any fear of death, and that if I had not yielded I should have died at once. There are many reasons why you should make a sincere apology when you've hurt someone unnecessarily, or have made a mistake.

Exercise 1: Apologizing and making excuses

Although, if a man is able to teach, I honor him for being paid. After a few minutes, however, Catherine picks up on a tiny error and begins to berate Scott. The first role-play is based on buying a mobile phone.

Apology Quotes

Complaining and Apologizing - ESL Role-Plays, Activities, Games and Lessons. Always and Never. Using a dialogue from the board, the student with the card complains about something the subject is always doing and something the subject never does, e.g.

How to Apologize

'She’s always moving things so I can’t find them and she never cleans up after herself'. Apologizing is a game mechanic in Bully. It can be used to convince hostile students to leave Jimmy alone. As Jimmy completes English classes, his ability to apologize becomes more effective.

This is reflected in his dialogue - prior to passing English classes he can only beg for other students. Exercise 1: Apologizing and making excuses. Read and listen to the dialogue. Then click 'Hide / Show "You"'. Complete the conversation and listen.

EFL/ESL speaking lessons online. English functions. Free lessons on apologizing - Learn how to apologize in English. Before apologizing, the offender needs to ask the offended for their attention.

Exercise 1: Apologizing and making excuses

Depending on who the offended person is, the request may be casual, informal or formal. A person might start with a phrase like ‘ excuse me, can we talk about something ’, or ‘ I wanted to talk to you about what happened yesterday ’. Apologizing In English there are a few expressions used when apologizing to others.

There are times when we apologize to take responsibility for an act commited or to show empathy. When an apology is given to show empathy; it's because someone has experienced a great loss and an apology is a used in a effort to comfort the person on the.

Apologizing dialogue
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