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Today, listen to the way highly successful people talk.

Why do most Black people say

Just as people learn to say Antartica instead of Antarctica, etc. You can learn a bit though about intelligent discourse and difference from thought without being so abrasive.

But this was never even the dominant form—it just pops up every now and then in the South West and West Midlands regions of England from the s down to aboutwhen it finally dies out.

Aks in Urdu means reflection, and may refer to: It can be interpreted as a London innovation with diffusion to the periphery.

There are basically three ways: This will work unless you or somebody else who has done the same thing has put me on spammers' lists. Going forward, "aks" was used primarily by uneducated people, including indentured servants, whom black slaves in America worked alongside and learned English from.

It occurred in Middle English not only in words like brigge "bridge"in which it had been present in Old English, but also in French loans such as juge "judge" and general. We need to offer a better explanation. Wells considers this breaking to be a feature of midwestern General American, as well as New York English.

They are less common, but they do exist.

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Add new features aspiration in English 3. Novice Bible readers expect to find a one-to-one correspondence between a sound and its spelling. The name Bristol itself was formerly Bristow. Lass, Roger, Old English: Try out our live chat room.

Here, then, is where the linguist breaks out the word "identity. This is now somewhat stigmatizedbut far from rare. How about linking to it. Yes, but what's the original.

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In Early Middle English, partly due to borrowings from French, these split into separate phonemes: These rules, when applied to the phonemic representations of words and phrases, result in phonemic forms that may differ substantially from the phonemic form, if such differences were unpredictable, we would find it difficult to explain how we can understand what we hear or how we produce utterances that represent the meaning we wish to convey.

And why did it come back. Moreover, using the word "identity" makes the matter sound deliberate, while most black people's embrace of "ax" is not a conscious decision. That is, French had the word taxa, which came from Latin, and then the variant form tasca arose and evolved into a separate word with an independent meaning.

Sep 15,  · White People Who Pronounce Ask As "Aks" OP and other shitheads, it's called Metathesis and the word AKS is over a thousand years old, cunts. by Anonymous: reply 09/12/ All the white people I know in New Orleans say aks. by Anonymous: reply 09/12/ Jews get psycho over black things.

Oct 01,  · Metathesis in words like "ask" is a common phenomenon with various causes. It would appear, for example, that the brain finds it easier to say "aks" than "ask", which is probably the origin of why it's commonly heard among less educated people in the UK.

“aks” is an example of what linguists call s-cluster metathesis, a common feature of African American dialect. Interestingly enough (and lest we get all snobby about this), it is an extremely old, and formerly accepted, variant pronunciation.

African-American Vernacular English

Metathesis: occurs when sound sequence is reversed ex. "aks" for "ask", "pasketti" for "spaghetti". This is less common and typically requires intervention.

This is. Aks, a metathesis of "ask" in African American Vernacular English; AKS may refer to: AKS, the US Navy hull classification symbol for general stores issue ship. USS Pollux (AKS-4) USS Volans (AKS-9) AKS Inc, an aircraft propeller manufacturer; Arnold KEQMS, an Independent School, UK.

Feb 18,  · One of my coworkers complained about someone who uses the word "aks" for ask. This is among the common examples of phonetically switching sounds.

In linguistic phonetics, the natural morphing or switching of sounds is called metathesis. An example is "Feb-you-wary" instead of February. Some people pronounce the word "ask" as "aks".

Aks ask metathesis
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Phonological processes affect entire classes of sounds.